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Honda Announces First Vehicle With HD Radioâ„¢ Audio and Subscription-Free Real-Time Traffic Services

2014 Honda Civic includes latest HD Radio features including Real-Time Traffic, Artist Experience®, iTunes® Tagging, HD2/HD3 FM Multicasting, and on-screen song, artist, and album information

Honda selects HD Radio Technology, HERE and the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium (BTC) to provide subscription-free real-time traffic information via digital FM broadcasting

Columbia, Maryland – November 21, 2013 – iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio Technology for AM and FM audio and data broadcasting, announced this week from the LA Auto Show that the 2014 Civic is the first Honda vehicle to launch integrated audio and real-time traffic information using the HERE mapping service, the BTC and HD Radio Technology. The 2014 Honda Civic will arrive at dealerships in December.

The new Honda Civic navigation system incorporates the latest HD Radio audio and data features including Artist Experience®, allowing listeners to view images such as album art on their radio screens and also subscription-free real-time traffic information, showing drivers green, yellow and red flow patterns, construction alerts and traffic incidents, all delivered by BTC affiliated HD Radio stations across the country.

Jeff Jury, Chief Operating Officer of iBiquity Digital said, “Honda is showing real leadership in bringing the benefits of the HD Radio digital data pipe to their vehicles. Subscription-free real-time traffic, and advanced HD Radio features will now be available in the Civic, one of America’s most popular vehicles. This is another great example of a leading automaker integrating our digital terrestrial technology as part of a connected vehicle strategy. Honda and the entire automotive industry are adopting the latest HD Radio audio and data features very quickly driving the transition of over-the-air AM & FM broadcasting to a digital future.”

HD Radio Technology is the digital evolution of AM and FM radio and delivers significant benefits for Honda drivers: crystal-clear sound quality; additional digital only local FM channels known as HD2/HD3 Channels; PSD - Program Service Data, which displays song title and artist name on the radio screen; iTunes Tagging allows listeners to store song information with the touch of a button for later purchase and download through iTunes; Artist Experience which enables images that match the audio content to be displayed on the radio screen; and now, subscription-free traffic and data information sent directly to a vehicles radio or navigation system. HD Radio Technology is subscription free broadcast radio.

HD Radio Technology is available nationwide, with more than 2,200 digital stations on-air, and over 1,450 HD2/HD3 digital only channels that broadcast fresh new content that can only be heard with an HD Radio receiver. A sampling of the formats on these extra channels, which vary in different markets around the country, include Dance/Electronica, Bluegrass Country, Comedy, Local Music, Chill/Coffee Shop Music, South Asian, Talk, News, and Sports, to name just a few.

33 automakers have now publicly announced plans to incorporate HD Radio Technology in 170+ models by year-end with more than 80 models featuring HD Radio receivers as standard equipment. Honda joins Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi and Mazda on the rapidly expanding list of automakers to integrate digital traffic and data services in addition to the audio entertainment features offered by HD Radio Technology.

The official 2014 Honda Civic list of Specifications & Features can be reviewed at this link:


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